Tasty Brand Organic Fruit Snacks, Mixed Fruit Family Pack



Flavors: Natural strawberry, peach, tangerine, lemon, tropical & mixed berry

NO GMOs, high-fructose corn syrup, artificial colors or flavors, Guilt-free snack for kids ages 2 to 102, Great item for kids' lunch-boxes or a portable treat for mom's purse! 

Comes in 24-count Family Pack

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excluding AK, HI & Canada

Reviews (7)

Organic Mama

March 26th, 2017

1:58 pm

My girls LOVE these, and so do Daddy and I! They are one of the few snacks that aren't made with rice product and they are a wonderful consistency! THANK YOU for selling the bulk pack direct to the public. We used to get them from Costco, but our local one (La Habra, CA) stopped carrying it. :(


January 30th, 2017

1:59 pm

They have a very good consistency and flavor, however, a few times Ive bit into something very hard and caused me tooth pain. It was so hard I thought it might be metal ... I contacted info@tastybrand.com and I'm waiting to hear back some kind of explanation.. I really don't think I'll buy this brand again at the risk of damaging my teeth and ingesting who knows what!


June 5th, 2016

6:27 pm

My Son 's both eat very healthy. One has a dietary needs that are very challenging. Tasty Brand fruit snacks have really done the best job at making themselves completely allergen friendly as well as tasting well. I would highly recommend these snacks to anyone who loves gummy snacks they are a loved taste for Adults and Children both.


January 15th, 2016

11:30 pm

The best!! Hands down!


February 27th, 2015

12:28 pm

My child, nieces, and nephews all love these fruit snacks. They are the best tasting fruit snacks with no gelatin and no-GMOs. Due to my dietary restrictions, we cant have gelatin and this is the only fruit snack product without gelatin that tastes good. I am disappointed to find out that my Costco is no longer carrying them. We would travel 25 mins to just to get these fruit snacks. Please resupply to Costco!

Fran G.

October 30th, 2014

8:56 pm

I absolutely love these! Every time I go to Costco, I look for them. I'm not much for chocolate (I know; I'm a Communist, let my friends tell it!) but I'm always looking for something to satisfy my sweet tooth and these fill the bill perfectly. In all the numerous boxes that I've bought (and I always buy 2 or 3 boxes at a time and I've been buying them for over a year) I've had only one kinda bad experience. Recently, I purchased 2 boxes at Costco and in one of them there was an open bag with only two dried up, hard, stale fruit snacks. I mention this to say that quality control might want to be a bit more vigilant so that something like that doesn't slip through again. Other than that, I have nothing bad to say about this product and would recommend it to anyone looking for a truly tasty (pun kinda intended) treat.


October 2nd, 2014

4:33 pm

My son absolutely loves these snacks. We have tried every brand and this one is the winner!

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