Our mission 

Welcome to Tasty Land, where we make the snacks everyone loves & can feel good about! With all the fun & flavor of classic favorite treats, but none of the junk.  Everything we make is USDA Organic certified and Non-GMO verified – that is our commitment and our promise to you & your family.

When we set out to create a line of snacks, we felt really strongly about 2 things: we wanted to make treats as TASTY as possible, and we wanted our products to be as SAFE as could be.  Here’s why …

Why organic? 

There’s quite a bit of confusion about what “organic” means on a product label, and it’s easy to see why.  Many people are skeptical of labelling practices (and rightly so!) that they’ve come to think that “organic” is just a fancy marketing term that companies use to trick people into thinking their products are healthier.  But actually, when you see the USDA Organic label on a product, here’s what it means: organic crops are grown without chemical fertilizers or synthetic pesticides; they are not processed using irradiation or chemical food additives, and they are processed according to strict guidelines established by the USDA and various organic certifiers.  (Tasty Brand’s certifying agencies are QAI and CCOF – feel free to learn more about what they do using the link below!)

Organic certification is reviewed and audited annually. You should certainly study the evidence and decide for yourself, but we believe that organic food is cleaner, safer and healthier than conventionally grown and produced food.  We also think it tastes better!

Learn more here:

Northeast Organic Farming Association
Quality Assurance International
Organic Consumers Association 

Why non-GMO?

The term “Non-GMO” has only recently entered the American conversation about food, but it has been a topic of outrage in many countries around the world for years.  Yes, it’s true – we are behind the times on this issue!  In fact, GMOs, or Genetically Modified Organisms, have been banned in 26 countries! So why hasn’t this happened in the United States? Many committed people are working on just that, and you can find out more & get involved using the links below. So far, the states of Connecticut & Maine have passed legislation requiring the labeling of foods containing GMOs, and Whole Foods Markets have adopted a “full GMO transparency” promise to be implemented by 2018.

So, what are these GMOs, you ask? They are plants & animals created through the gene-splicing, which merges DNA from different species, creating unstable combinations of plant, animal, bacterial & viral genes that cannot occur in nature or in traditional crossbreeding. If that doesn’t sound appealing to you (it freaks us out!), then read on …

The good news is that the Non-GMO Project exists, and it’s a non-profit organization which helps educate the public and assists food manufacturers seeking to keep GMOs out of their products.  They believe, as we do, that consumers deserve a choice about whether or not to consume genetically modified organisms.  Through a rigorous “supply chain” review process, the Non-GMO Project helps manufacturers like us verify that our products are GMO-free – look for their seal on packages you find in the marketplace. We’re proud to have it on everything Tasty Brand makes!

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