From Liane & Shannan

We can’t tell you how happy we are to meet you!  Okay, so we’re not actually meeting in person, but this is kind of like a meeting since you’re visiting us here in our new online home. And who knows? Maybe one day we’ll actually meet face-to-face! Thanks for stopping by & taking the time to learn more about Tasty Brand – we hope you like what you see here & that Tasty Brand will become a part of your family’s life. 

Here’s a little about us: we’re two moms on a mission! We set out to create delicious snack foods that are the answer to everyone’s growing concerns about the food supply. We wanted to offer people something that puts a big smile on their faces, but that doesn’t contain any “junk,” like high-fructose corn syrup, artificial colors & flavors, etc.  We’re big believers in choosing organic and non-GMO verified products because what you eat really matters! Originally, we had kids in mind, but we quickly realized that Tasty Brand is for everyone!  After all, who doesn’t like gummies & cookies? So, go ahead … treat yourself to TASTY!

Have a TASTY day,
Liane & Shannan


About the Co-Founders

After many years of friendship & creative collaboration, Liane Weintraub & Shannan Swanson started Tasty Brand, Inc. to fulfill their vision for healthy & safe snack foods that offer kids & families all the fun of conventional snacks, but none of the junk.

Liane was born & raised in Manhattan, NY where city life presents some challenges to healthy eating & living.  After attending Columbia University (BA), Oxford University & the Annenberg School of Journalism at USC (MA), she worked as a local television news reporter (United Paramount Network).  She has also been a regular contributor to a number of local & national print/online publications.  In that capacity, she encountered many people with heart-gripping stories, the most touching of whom were children.  Her commitment to the environment & to children’s causes are an integral part of Tasty Brand.

As a journalist, she understands the power of story-telling & is committed to spreading Tasty Brand’s message far & wide.  A self-taught cook, Liane has a passion for food & good nutrition.

Liane & her husband Richard have 2 children – Ava, 12 & Cole, 11.

Shannan grew up in an iconic American family in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Her grandfather & his family founded Swanson Frozen Foods which literally changed the face of American at-home dining.  The Swanson TV-Dinner became the must-have item of its generation virtually overnight.  After college at the University of Denver (BA), Shannan followed her dream of pursuing a career in fine cuisine, attending the legendary Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, from which she earned a Grand Diplôme. 

She moved to Los Angeles to work under Wolfgang Puck & eventually opened her own private catering business.  As a chef, Shannan’s philosophy is to create delicious & harmonious flavors without contrived ingredients.

Shannan & her husband Eric have 2 children: Louisa, 13 & Sonny, 10.